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Sound, Score & Story.

Sound Design, Music & Audio Implementation for Linear & Interactive Media

A unified audioscape

Immersive, coherent and engaging stories are born when sound design, music, and the audio implementation are conceptualized together.

At 3Edge Audio, we are passionate about approaching our creative projects from all three perspectives. 


Simultaneously sculpting the sound and music into a unified audioscape, we elevate the narrative and explore ambiguities in the creative space between sound and score.

Sound Design

We create performance-driven foley and sound effects for a variety of media. 3Edge Audio has large in-house sound libraries for convenience, or the ability to record bespoke sound effects in the field to really enhance your project's uniqueness.

Audio Implementation

Design and implementation of adaptive music and sound systems for video games and other interactive media is our specialty.

This includes in-engine implementation with Unity & Unreal, and middleware implementation with Wwise & FMOD.


Composition, arranging, orchestration, production, recording, mixing and mastering services are all available as part of our music creation pipeline.

Our commissioned and licensed works have been used in film, television, radio, production music libraries, theatre, live installations & interactive media worldwide.

Inspired creativity happens close to the edge.

Who we are

3Edge Audio was founded by Australian composer & sound designer Chris Wright. He has spent his career creating both sound and score for film, television, radio, production music libraries, theatre, live installations & interactive media.

Innovative & genre-diverse, his commissioned and licensed music has been heard around the world in film, radio, commercials & TV shows such as 'Married At First Sight', 'Hawaii Five-O', 'Bull', 'Four Weddings - Season 2', 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 'Australian Idol', 'Getaway', 'The Great Outdoors', 'A Current Affair', 'Sunrise', 'FOX AFL', 'V8 Extra' and 'Thank God You're Here'.


Also an in demand session guitarist, Wright has performed live with many artists & shows worldwide including Sia, Ronan Keating, Donovan, David Campbell, Wang Leehom, Sandy Lam & more.

Most recently, Wright crafted the sound design and music for Kia's unique 3D "Morphia" installation, unveiling their new logo and product line at the 2021 Australian Open.

Wright is a proponent of the Schillinger System of Musical Composition, and has studied both orchestration and interactive scoring for video games with Berklee College of Music.


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